Below is a list of some good resources that we recommend. You can find websites on such things as evangelism, Bible teaching and study, apologetics, and creationism.

abrAlways be Ready

Evangelistic ministry of Charlie H. Campbell.



bereancallThe Berean Call
Dave Hunt and T.A. McMahon’s ministry for the purpose of encouraging spiritual discernment among those who regard themselves as Biblical Christians.


blueletterbibleBlue Letter Bible
Free online Bible study and resource program.


dkDoveCalvary Chapel Denmark
The guys in Denmark run this site where you can find helpful information about different ministries going on and about the Scandinavian Conference held every year.



ccdoveCalvary Chapel Home Page
More info about Calvary Chapel’s home and around the world.


scandinaviaCalvary Chapel Scandinavia Blog
Updates, news, photos, and comments from the different ministries and missionaries in and involved in Scandinavia.


ccmacedonCalvary Chapel Macedon
Senior Pastor Cartie Carpenter.

Pastor Robert Pecoraro’s sending church near Rochester, New York.

eternalproductionsEternal Productions
Evangelistic ministry and information by Jim Tetlow.



icr3Institute for Creation Research
ICR equips believers with evidence of the Bible’s accuracy and authority.




reasonablefaithReasonable Faith
A website by Willaim Lane Craig for the purpose of “…providing an articulate, intelligent voice in defense of Biblical Christianity in the public square.”



si2Sermon Index
A website devoted to “Promoting Genuine Biblical Revival” where you can find classic teachings and sermons by speaker, topic, or Scripture.

wotm2The Way of the Master
Evangelistic teaching by Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort.


Free online Bible reader and Bible reading plans. Downloadable mobile phone apps also available.